Skift af sprog på denne "tavse blog"

For nogle år siden besluttede jeg at denne blog skulle være på engelsk, mens http://jfbak.wordpress.com skulle være på dansk. Nu er Blogspot smeltet sammen med Google+, der er på dansk for mit vedkommende, så nu bytter jeg rundt på sprogene.


Denmark - a scientific superpower!

I have just received Scientific American "Nobel Price Winning Authors" Volume 1 with articles by:
  • sir Lawrence Bragg
  • August Krogh
  • Albert Einstein
  • Niels Bohr
  • I.I. Rabi
  • Otte Meyerhof
  • E.D. Adrian
Impressive with 2 out of 7 authors coming from Denmark in this first issue of an American prestigious publication.


I'm unable to handle iPod's and other Mac-devices

I've tried to day to use an iPod with iTunes. A horrible experience. I don't understand the way it works.
Although I'm not a fan of Microsofts way of doing things, I'm glad that I'm using a PC with Windows. At least I'm not getting a nervous breakdown as fast as with Apple-devices.


Small is beautiful

I have spent my whole working life employed by or connected to Aarhus Universitet.
I do consider it as an university with a high quality of research and studies.
However, I'm a bit worried now. Danish universities are growing in size through fusions - and I fear that it inevitable will result in a noticable decrease in quality.
My proof is the size of Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, ...


Religion and human rights

Why are we humans religious? Well, that is an easy framework for defining a meaning of life. If that is fine for you then by all means do so. However, it requires a mutual respect. I have a right to question your faith - and I have no obligation to subdue to any kind of taboo, e.g. drawing the Prophet Muhammad etc.
Any human being is more valuable than any form of god (or God, if you prefer so). Life is the most precious thing we have. Live it and stay with it.



I've just noticed that almost nine months have passed... Well, just to verify that I'm alive!


Webdesign: WYSINWIG

We are still in the infancy of webdesign. Most of the pages are deigned with a WYSIWYG-approach: What You See Is What You Get.
BUT the reality is WYSINWIG: What You See Is Not What I Get - You have no idea of the type of computer, browser and configuration I'm using to view our page. You might gain some knowledge from various parameters read from my machine. But I might e.g. select to change the size of the window at any time, without reloading the page.
This parity between reader and author is at the very core of the web. I have not yet encountered a designer which has understood this basic feature. They are trapped in the idea that they should have total control.