Denmark - a scientific superpower!

I have just received Scientific American "Nobel Price Winning Authors" Volume 1 with articles by:
  • sir Lawrence Bragg
  • August Krogh
  • Albert Einstein
  • Niels Bohr
  • I.I. Rabi
  • Otte Meyerhof
  • E.D. Adrian
Impressive with 2 out of 7 authors coming from Denmark in this first issue of an American prestigious publication.


I'm unable to handle iPod's and other Mac-devices

I've tried to day to use an iPod with iTunes. A horrible experience. I don't understand the way it works.
Although I'm not a fan of Microsofts way of doing things, I'm glad that I'm using a PC with Windows. At least I'm not getting a nervous breakdown as fast as with Apple-devices.